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January 23, 2009

Top 5 Busby SEO Test Websites

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Today is January 23, 2009. I can feel the excitement and ecstacy of those lucky website owners bagging to the top 5 list in Google searches wit the Busby SEO Test keyphrases used.

Top 5 Busby SEO Test Websites as of January 23, 2009 are the following:










Congratulations for making it to  Final 5 as of today. I hope to see you all when i query on January 31, 2009 as well.

Happy Busby SEO Test -ing everyone!

Busby SEO Test Competition is tough!

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This Busby SEO Test Competition is really though! Imagine, this page hasn’t reached the google’s index yet and i feel i am getting depressed already… nah just kidding. =) That’s understandable knowing i just posted one related article yesterday. Anyway, so with a curious and confusing mindset, i decided to delve into capital G’s site and sift for answers. My query? “how Google crawls, indexes, and serves the web” and surprisingly this is what i found out.

The process involves 3 key processes: Crawling, Indexing, Serving.

Just to summarize, crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. According to Google, they have huge sets of computers fetching or “crawling” myriad of pages per minute on the web. Termed as “Googlebot”, these robots, bot or spider uses a complex algorithmic formula which calculates and determines which sites can be crawled. On the other hand, indexing  is the process of compiling a massive list of words or keywords by Googlebot. The information may include key content tags and attributes such as Title Tags and ALT attributes. Consequently, Serving is when a user search to google with a set of qualified keywords for query. Google’s machines now search the index for matching pages and return the results based on the most relevant for the user. Here, relevancy takes priority as it is determined by the Page Rank given per site. Pagerank is used as a measure of importance of a web page based on the incoming lnks from other pages. The more incoming links it gets, the more it gets higher page ranks. This is determined by over 200 factors.

Hearing all these makes sense after all. I better start “commercializing this site” so as to add value and increase my pagerank. =) But as i predict, this is getting tougher as i thought so.

But before i go, let me leave an open question, how are you all doing with your Busby SEO Test -ing?

January 22, 2009

Busby SEO Test

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Hi Reader, you have just reached my very first post about  Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO. Simultaneously,  i am taking this perfect space to submit my welcome entry into the Busby SEO Test Challenge.



So what is this “Busby SEO Test” all about?

Following what i have just written about this Busby SEO Test Contest from my parent’s blog, this  is a competition originally initiated by Busby Web Solutions to allow SEO Web Masters and SEO Practitioners the chance to collaborate, test their knowledge and improve their skills to become experts in the field of SEO.  Now on its 2nd year, the basic rule of this game is to be able to set up and optimize your current or existing website or blog to match as the first or top most entry in Google searches once the Busby-SEO-Test keyphrase is used as a query. Hmmm, is it kinda challenging? That  sounds like fun to me ! =)

As you all may probably know, this is actually my first time  to join such an event so please don’t mock me with condescending eyes if i don’t make into the first few pages of google. While everyone had already set their  foot into the search engine’s cache, here i am on my journey…. taking my glimpse of chances of what i can do in the short span of time. Knowing  i just created this website minutes ago,   i’m no longer expecting this site to top notch higher than those who are already in the Google’s Top 100 pages.  All i can do now is just sit ,wait and dream some miracles to happen. =) I came to know this competition just by accident and realizing that this can do for me i decided to sign up. Besides who am i not to grab such a perfect opportunity in the first place? Undeniably, there’s no harm trying to dream about winning  big… ok i mean  B.I.G especially if you are thinking about these Busby SEO World Cup prizes ranging from the following:

1st Prize: $5000 USD

2nd Prize: $2000 USD

3rd Prize: $500 USD

4th Prize: $250 USD

5th Prize: $100 USD




So for all those who just happen to stumble this humble blog very late and still wanted to join, you may do so by signing up for FREE with this link. Discover what this event can do for you and learn from the seo experts in the growing community. I still encourage you to join because you can’t really determine who’s going to win BIG in this competition. What are you waiting for sign up now!

Happy Busby SEO Test -ing!

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