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January 23, 2009


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Techronnati SEO  is my personal approach geared in discovering the secrets behind SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With a lot of websites and blogs created minute after minute, there is a need to proactively engage into site optimization. Probably one of the exciting and interesting topics in the field of advertising, marketing  and internet  these days. Moreso, predictions arise saying that there would come a time that like cellphone , each individual would take the initiative to invest and publicly create their profile online… realizing the value to boost one’s creativity and/or talent, or maybe reach to as many online users when comes to  advertising. Join with me as we learn together and unravel some of the techniques and best practices when it comes to Search Engines, Busby SEO, SEO Marketing, Internet Marketing, Strategies, Web  and other cool and exciting WORLD of SEO.

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